Since 2005 we have been working for various charities, in aid of abandoned children in India.
Through our work as an engineer and a dentist, we have been able to combine our experience and skills with our passion: helping to build a better future for these kids.

In the past years we have been able to see young children grow up, and discover what love and care can do for them! The kids we met at the beginning are the ones we will never forget as long as we live, because they were the ones who really opened our heart and mind.

These children were only six years old when we met them, but now they have become teenagers, and new periods and experiences are opening up for them.

This is something we started thinking about recently. We can’t guide them forever, but on the other hand, life can be SO hard, especially in India, for many reasons! There are so many people - over a billion - and belonging to a lower Caste can still keep you at the bottom of the social ladder.

So now we want to give them the proper means to take this huge step in life, so that they are stronger and better prepared for the obstacles they will have to overcome. This is what we want to achieve.  


It’s simple: we create jobs, where they can work in the right conditions.
Step by step we guide them through this critical period, from being fostered to becoming autonomous. This transition is when many of the kids can go off the rails, and fall back into old habits. So we need to make sure that they set off on this long journey, of being self-sufficient, on the right foot. Once they have overcome this major obstacle, they are much stronger, and better prepared to face the future. 


We want to do so many things, for example send teenagers on a course to learn a profession. But our first project is to open our own restaurant, where they can work as cook, waiter, manager, anything!

We need your help!

Martijn & Paolo


Vision Job4life